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Department 56

Prochain congrès aux É.-U. 

From November 11-13th, 2016, 3 clubs will be having a large gathering, they are the Village Idiots of Washington state, the Village Traders of Puget Sound and our club the West Coast Collectors in Vancouver, Canada. Both American clubs will travel up to our town here in Canada which is 20 mins away from Vancouver. We will be having a fun filled weekend with a large turkey dinner on the Saturday night, a meeting Sunday, house tours, prizes, games, local store tours, etc. We have people flying in for this event as well. It’s going to be a huge celebration and on behalf of the 3 clubs we would like to invite all Department 56 collectors to come and join us!!
We are working on discounted hotel rooms, etc. for all travelers to stay in one place.

For additional information, please contact me, Kai Costerd at .


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